Outertale logo

Outertale logo by Jack5.

Outertale, stylized as OUTERTALE (or OuterTale in other fanons), is an alternate universe of the role-playing game Undertale by Toby Fox, where the plot is in a space setting. It was created by Tumblr user 2mi127.

Opening Sequence

Long ago, two races ruled over the stars: HUMANS and MONSTERS. That was until X016 when war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. 7 magically gifted humans planned the monster’s punishment. They banished them to a distant corner of the galaxy and trapped them in a powerful EM Field.

Many years later… Ebott Quadrant, X201. Legends say that those who cross into the quadrant never return. As the nearby magnetic forces messed with your ship's controls, you began to believe all hope was lost. But knowing that this was only the beginning... You're filled with DETERMINATION.