Mikizuyuka is a miniboss.



Mikizuyuka is a fox with long red hair and wears a galaxy long sleeve on, along with black leggings, and black flats.


Brave (but sometimes shy), Mikizuyuka stutters when she's nervous, and rarely smiles.

In Battle


  • Selecting "Smile" after selecting it or "Nickname" will peacefully end the battle.
  • Attacking twice causes her attacks to become more severe.


  • Hi... [Check]
  • H-Hey... [Check on Pacifist Route]
  • It's a pretty name... don't get me wrong. [Nickname without any other ACT]
  • I... I like that name. Thank you. [Nickname after smiling]
  • Your smile is nice... [Smile without any other ACT]
  • You look funny. [Smile after smiling]
  • I-I guess you are... [Boast]
  • You're... so... mean... [After boasting twice]
  • Ow. [Fight #1]
  • What did I ever do to you? [Fight #2]
  • Why are you doing this? [Fight #3]

Flavor Text

  • Mikizuyuka seems nervous about something. [After checking]
  • Mikizuyuka seems lonely. [after checking on Pacifist Route]
  • Mikizuyuka steps forward shyly. [Encounter]
  • Mikizuyaka is biting her bottom lip nervously. [Neutral]
  • Mikizuyuka looks like she's trying not to smile. [Neutral on Pacifist Route]
  • You give the name, "Miki", to the fox. Mikizuyuka covers her face with her hair. [Nickname without any other ACT]
  • Mikizuyuka is blushing. [After nicknaming once]
  • You give the name, "Miki", to the fox. Mikizuyuka's smile grows. [Nickname after smiling]
  • You gave Mikizuyuka a small smile. Mikizuyuka smiled back, her smile very tiny. [Smile without any other ACT]
  • Mikizuyuka seems to enjoy smiling. [After smiling once]
  • You gave Mikizuyuka a goofy smile. Mikizuyaka laughed, and her smile grew. [Smile after smiling]
  • You claim that you are better than her at looking good. Mikizuyuka looked down. [Boast without any other ACT]
  • Mikizuyuka lowered her head. [After boasting once]
  • You said that Mikizuyuka looked horrible. Mikizuyuka started to cry, while unable to see you from tears. [Boast #2]
  • She starts to tear up. [Fight #1]
  • She blinked back her tears and looked at you dangerously. [Fight #2]
  • She glared at you. [Fight #3]
  • Mikizuyuka doesn't want to fight. [When spare conditions are met]
  • Mikizuyaka was too sad to fight. [When spare conditions are met by boasting twice]