Jack5 statue

Jack5's statue in-game.

Jack5 (Wikia username: Jack5wikia) is one of the administrators responsible for the development of the official Outertale fanon, and is wholly responsible for extra content additions. He has contributed sprites, sound effects, music, story elements and other miscellaneous ideas to the fanon, which have all been accepted. Currently, he is the only administrative person that remains in charge of the fanon.


Omega Twinkly TV

Jack5's face on Omega Twinkly TV.

Jack5 has contributed the following to the Outertale fanon:

  • The Attack Opal
  • The mid-fight action buttons
  • The Outertale title
  • The deep-sounding sound effect that plays after leaving The Caverns, and several other times after this
  • Constellation Cards
  • Mid-battle backgrounds
  • The rearrangement of voice effects monsters make when in mid-fight, and the HUD makes when narrating
  • Design of the forcefield blocking the exit to the Caverns
  • Giant crystal sprite
  • Twinkly the Star overworld sprites and voice effects
  • Overworld sprites of Nephele
  • Attacking 'slice' animation
  • Battle sprites for Mothma'am (a fanon charater)
  • Distilloid
  • Battle sprites for Aqua (a fanon character)
  • Addition of Mikizuyuka (a fanon character), but not involved in creation
  • Slight scripting of Roboton (a fanon character)
  • Addition of Red (a fanon character), but not involved in creation
  • Metatron design
  • Some Starrin' sprites, seen when completing puzzles
  • Background of the highest peak of Aurorafall
  • Echo Flower sprites
  • Concept of So Sorry being a character in the overworld
  • Design of The TOWER
  • Design of and sprites for Zone Zero and all monsters and overworld characters within
  • Omega Twinkly TV (where his face makes an appearance)
  • Sans' glowing eye and sleeping sprites
  • Arial and the tileset for his room
  • Concept of Gemini
  • New souls concept
  • Overhaul of sound effects mid-battle
  • Concept of second part of Sans' Genocide battle
  • The Megaloray
  • The Grey Kid
  • The Dev Apartments


It is possible to find Jack5's statue in-game, by traveling to where the Mysterious Door would be, into the Dev Apartments. The statue is stationed immediately in front of the counter. Checking it will display the following text:

  • It reads 'Jack5 Stringer'.
  • ...
  • You decide to stop looking.

Jack5 also has a room in one of the three 'apartment' floors of the complex, which displays this text:

  • You peer through the door's card slot...
  • Many laptops have been glued to the floors and walls of this room.
  • They are all synchronously streaming an epilepsy-inducing video.