Grey kid

The Grey Kid.

The Grey Kid is an entity that shares its approximate body shape with Monster Kid, but is represented in greyscale and wears a white lab coat, as well as having flatter hair and hollow eyes, where his right eye is closed more than the left. He makes several appearances in minor Outertale areas, showing up randomly to shed some light on secret characters and Constellation Card locations.

Upon entering an area where the Grey Kid can spawn, there is a 1 in 5 chance you will see him. On top of this, once you leave the area, even if the Grey Kid didn't appear in the first place, it is impossible to see him in that area again unless you start a new save file. Grey Kid does not show up at all if the fallen human's name is Chara.

Outertale Demo

In the demo, Grey Kid appears without fail in a secret location accessible by obtaining the Virgo Constellation Card. He does not make this same appearance in the final game. When you speak to him, he says:

  • I have many things to talk about, many words to tell you.
  • ...far too many for you to hear.
  • But maybe you, PLAYER, will understand this riddle?
  • There is a place beyond The Caverns...
  • Beyond the Quadrant is where it lies.
  • You'll find it's name is 'Outertale Wiki'...
  • There you'll see through different eyes.
  • ...I wish I had eyes.